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Past Litters

Sometimes when a family is looking at our puppies, they ask about what the puppies will look like as they grow up. This is a great question! We used to just send buyers pictures as needed, but we've quickly found that there needs to be a place that we showcase our Neesa's Doodles Families :) So, scroll through, check out our puppies from previous litters, enjoy pics of cute puppies!

Molly's Litters

April 2018

2 Female puppies, Both live in Boise, ID

Standard goldendoodle puppies 6 weeks ol

Frida and Bella 6 weeks old

Frida and Bella at 1 year
This is Bella, one of Molly's standard g

November 2018

July 2019

Luna's Litters

June 2019

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