Can you Visit Our Mini-Goldendoodle Puppies?

The best thing about deciding to get a puppy is getting to snuggle a fuzzy bundle of joy. There's something magical about puppies, where they can be wiggly and energetic, but as soon as you pick them up they settle into quality cuddle time. It's not always possible to meet your puppy before they turn 8 weeks old and come home with you, especially if you and the breeder live far apart. But, here at Neesa's Doodles, we love when buyers can come to meet our Mini and Micro Mini Goldendoodles at our home in Boise, Idaho.

A Family coming to visit their Micro Mini Goldendoodle puppy

Families can come to see the puppies as soon as it is safe for the puppies to receive visitors. When that time is can be a little hard to predict, but it’s somewhere between two to three weeks of age, when the puppies have opened their eyes. At that point, their little immune systems are stronger, and they can handle the excitement of having new people around. The mama of the litter is also more accepting of visitors meeting her puppies around this age too!

2 weeks old Micro mini goldendoodles open their eyes!

Puppies aren't awake for very long, so visits are normally around 30 minutes. In that time, puppies wake up from a nap, get excited to meet new people to play with, and then become exhausted and need another nap. As they get tired it's easier to get a photo with the puppy in the buyer's arms, and we've gotten some pretty cute photos this way!

Some families visit their puppy every week, some families only meet their puppy when it's time to bring them home. There's no right way to go about meeting and bonding with your puppy, but we love when it works for families to come and visit!

Looking for a Micro Mini-Goldendoodle puppy of your very own? check out our Available Puppy page to see if we have a litter currently!

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