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Molly and her first litter of Mini-Goldendoodles!

Molly is due to have a litter of Mini-Goldendoodle puppies this July. And while this isn't her first litter of puppies, we are still over the moon for Molly.

dog sitting calmly in the sunlight
Molly the golden retriever with her favorite squeaky toy

Molly is an English Cream Golden Retriever, which is where her white coloring comes from. Some of her puppies have her coloring:

Puppy sitting
Bella the Goldendoodle covered in mud (Spring 2018)

and some have their dad's:

black puppy chilling
Toby the Goldendoodle with his new family ( spring 2019)

and some have coloring all of their own:

Penny the Goldendoodle at 5 weeks old ( winter 2018)

Lets talk about the dad of the upcoming litter! Rooster is a Moyen Poodle, with the parti factor. Moyen is the mid-size of poodle, and Rooster comes in right around 35 lbs. We're excited about that especially because the puppies will be under 50 lbs, classifying them as mini.

Rooster the Moyen Poodle

Molly is doing great with her pregnancy, and we find out on June 29th how many puppies her an Luna are having. Stay tuned!

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