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Here at Neesa's Doodles, we've had a lot of Mini-Goldendoodle puppies to take care of this summer. Both Molly and Luna had Mini-Goldendoodle puppies, with Molly's being Moyen Mini's, with adult sizes ranging from 40-50 lbs. Luna's puppies were tiny, being Teacup Mini-Goldendoodle puppies, with adult sizes of 10-15 lbs.

Now, in September, most of these puppies have found furever homes. All of Luna's Teacup Mini-Goldendoodle puppies have gone home. Those cuties are all over now, some as far away as Maine!

So what Mini-Goldendoodle puppies are available?

3 of Molly's Mini-Goldendoodle puppies are looking for their furever homes.

they are:

Princess is the last female available! she is the smallest of the litter, and will be around 40 lbs as an adult. All of Molly's puppies have extremely soft coats, and even though they are fluffy, they don't end up getting very curly. Before we get further into how awesome Princess is, lets talk about some more things that all of these puppies have in common.

1. This litter is very snuggly. Every single one of them is ecstatic to curl up on the couch and cuddle.

2. They all are well socialized to different sights, sounds, and smells. these puppies are great around other dogs, kids, and are fans of car rides!

3. All of these puppies are sweet tempered. Its something we look for in a puppy, so this trait we carefully look for in the parents. Molly's puppies have historically all been gentle, even-tempered family dogs, and this litter is no different. Every one of these puppies has stolen my heart, and they are getting more cute and more sweet every day.

So back to Princess. Princess is the most independent puppy, in that she doesn't need to be right in the middle of whatever you're up to. She's ready for those snuggles when you are ready for some time on the couch, though! Her ideal family is one that needs a dog that can entertain themselves easily, but is ready to bring her along on the fun adventures they have planned.

This is Austin. Austin is the only cream colored puppy to come out of this litter! He is the most calm of the puppies, and is more likely to sit back and watch the goings-on instead of jumping in himself. A good fit for this puppy would be a family looking for a puppy that is ready for anything.

Last, but certainly not least, this is Tank. Tank got his name because for a while, he was the biggest puppy in the litter, but he actually just hit his growth spurt before everyone else. Now he is a very similar size to the other puppies. Tank is the sweetest puppy, and the one with the most emotional intelligence. His ideal family will enjoy a dog that wants to be a part of the family .

These puppies are 9 weeks old, and we have delivery or shipping options to get them to wherever you live!

Check us out on instagram @neesas_doodles to keep up to date with these cuties :)

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