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Teacup Mini-Goldendoodle Puppies Have Arrived!!

Luna smiling after 4 puppies had arrived

Now, never let it be said that Luna is not punctual. The due date for these puppies was June 28th, and at 2 am on the 28th, the first Teacup Mini-goldendoodle puppy made its way into the world. Luna had an easy time with birthing, and has had no complications with her health.

Luna has been around Molly's puppies before, and she was a good nanny back then. Now that the puppies are hers, she is so happy! once the puppies started showing up, you could see how excited she was to meet them, it was precious.

And she's been a great mama to her 6 puppies! just like a human mama, sometimes the first time you have offspring can be a little overwhelming. Not for Luna though! she has been unfazed and completely in her element since the beginning. We are so exciting to watch these Teacup Mini-goldendoodle puppies learn and grow with their mama. Stay tuned for pics and videos!

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