Ultrasound Day!

Luna and Molly are pregnant with Mini-Goldendoodle puppies, and Teacup Mini-Goldendoodle! We went to the vet to get ultrasounds this week, to find out a headcount.

Luna's ultrasound. See the puppy?

Luna went first, and let me first say that we didn't have any expectations. This is Luna's first litter, so we were going to be happy with whatever number the vet told us she had in her tummy. The procedure is non-invasive, all that happens is that the mama to be is laid in a comfy pillow, and some gel is sprayed on her tummy, and then the vet uses an ultrasound wand to look at what's in the mama's abdomen.

Luna liked watching the screen

For Luna, this was one weird, but enjoyable, belly rub. she spent the whole time watching the screen to see all the moving things and the wand moved across her belly. Much fun!

And, not only is Luna pregnant, there are 5 puppies! That was great news, we are so excited to meet all 5 puppies on June 28th!

Molly was next, and she's practically old hat at this, this being her third litter. As any Golden Retriever does, Molly loved the belly rubs so much she had to be convinced to get off the table.

so much fur!

Molly has had small litters in the past, but we were happy because the puppies were happy and healthy. This litter is bigger! Molly is also having 5 puppies, and we are so proud and excited to see all of these puppies on July 5th!

Luna helping Molly with the ultrasound :)

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